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We are at 15 locations in

3 different countries


United States

Wonder Design Lab Centers

Purdue University 

West Lafayette, IN /  Prof. Kim | Global Leader


RuckUs/ MakerSpace

Indianapolis, IN / Contact: Consuelo Poland

RuckUs/ MicroManufacturingSpace

Indianapolis, IN / Contact: Eric Strickland

Wonder Jr Lab

Burnett Creek Elementary

West Lafayette, IN / Contact: Matt Ridenour

Sunnyside Elementary

Indianapolis, IN / Contact: Anderson Tierney

Wonder Jr_High Lab


Wonder High Lab

Purdue Polytechnic High/2018

Indianapolis, IN / Contact: Andrew Zeller

Wonder Land/ Maker Exp. Lab




Wonder Design Lab Centers

Nanjing University of Science and Technology 

Nanjing/  Prof. Bin | Global Leader

China Academy of Art/2018

Zhejiang, Hangzhou/ Contact: Espresso

Tongji University/2018

Yangpu, Shanghai / Contact: Hongtao Zhou

Nanjing Forestry University

Xuanwu Qu, Nanjing / Contact: Yin

Zhejiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology

Shaoxing, Hangzhou/ Contact: Xia Arthur

Beijing Normal University/2018

Haidian Qu, Beijing/ Contact: Wei Liu

Wonder Jr Lab



Wonder Design Lab Centers

3D Plus 

Busan / Sung Hwe Kim | Global Leader

HanYang University

Sungsoo, Seoul / Contact: JinSuck Seo

AGRIC/ Arcade Game Regional Innovation

Dongseo Univ./ Contact: Tae Soo Yun

Wonder Jr Lab

Busan Foreign School/ 2018

Haeundae, Busan/ Contact: Lain Macfarlane

Wonder Jr_High Lab


Wonder High Lab


JinGu, Busan / Contact: Aron Kim

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We are all innovators

In collaboration with Indy Ruckus Makerspace,

we will be developing the teaching and learning materials and tools for our community.


Making isn’t new, but modern technologies, globalization,and cultural shifts have positively influenced the maker’s movement. By using technology based tools such as 3D printer, 3D laser cutter, and 3D CNC fabrication, we can accelerate time and effort of making things. It allows for 1 day turn arounds, and 1 person operated product manufacturing with proper learning and application of the tools.

Wonder Lab is a design platform to aid communities generate solutions, connect to these important resources, and to help community members to build business models that are using technology based maker tools.

Design Leadership & Design by Action 

Labs of Wonder

April 04, 2017

IDSA Member Raises ID Awareness Among Youngest Generation

IDSA Member TJ Kim, the faculty advisor to the IDSA Student Chapter at Purdue University, has announced its Industrial Design Department (link is external) has received a grant to help enlighten elementary student across Indiana about industrial design.

Indianapolis elementary students to experience industrial design

March 29, 2017

Associate professor Tong Jin Kim, in the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts, will host a daylong workshop featuring 3-D printing Tuesday (April 4) at Sunnyside Elementary School in Indianapolis’ Lawrence Township.

Professor teaches 3-D printing to underprivileged communities

March 25, 2016

"It's not much about creating a product. It's about creating a community. And creating a community is much more challenging."

Using Design to Empower Communities

February 23, 2016

Kim is also working on fostering a design community in one of the country’s most challenging neighborhoods:
Chicago’s South Side. Purdue Industrial Design has partnered with Loyola University in a new workforce training effort at Chicago’s Living Hope Church.

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